Magazine Article Submission – 7 Tips to Reducing Rejection Slips

Submitting articles to change journals or magazines is worthwhile and may set up you as a posted author. However, editors are very busy and feature masses of manuscripts to pour over. To ensure you positioned the percentages on your favor, observe those seven suggestions to assist get your article accepted.

Request tips and make sure to observe them! For instance, if a mag needs an editorial no greater than a thousand words, do not post a 2500 phrase article. Several magazines submit their tips on their internet site and you could print them from there. If now no longer, write to them inquiring for their tips and make sure to encompass an SASE (Self addressed stamped envelop) otherwise you may not get a reaction.
Search for clues in tips. Read thru the tips to locate clues on how to interrupt into a mag. Often they may be searching for “filler” cloth along with puzzles or quick suggestions to fill in among characteristic articles. This may be a extraordinary manner to get your foot withinside the door and your call identified with the editor.

Learn to write down a effective question. Magazine editors frequently do now no longer have the time or team of workers to study a complete article and could ask which you ship a question first. This is a quick letter that introduces the writer and offers an outline of the item you would really like to post. Be certain your question is compelling and captures the editor’s attention. Your tale should have a completely unique perspective or storyline that hasn’t been finished to death. There are numerous examples of a question letter on-line or in writing books along with the Writer’s Digest or Writer’s Market.

Read the editorial calendar. Many magazines have their editorial calendars published on their internet site – take a minute to check it. They will provide you with perception as to the subjects they need to cowl in upcoming problems. If you’ve got got an editorial as a way to supplement a mag’s subject for a selected month, make sure to ship it in previous to deadlines.

Submit to the proper markets. Read numerous problems of the mag you’re focused on earlier than submitting. For instance, do now no longer post gardening suggestions to a sports activities orientated mag. If you’re a starting creator and the mag handiest accepts 10% of freelance submissions you is probably smart to post to a mag that accepts 50% or greater in their freelance submissions. Some magazines do now no longer be given out of doors submissions (freelance) in any respect and paintings through task handiest. So make sure you understand your market!

Submit to smaller magazines and change journals. They may be greater open to freelance submissions than the larger names. You can jumpstart your portfolio in case you examine the smaller to midsize journals. It also can be less difficult to broaden commercial enterprise relationships with editors.

Track submissions. Keep dates of submissions and wherein your articles were submitted on a spreadsheet. At the minimal listing the name of your article, editorial touch call, date submitted, reaction time if applicable, and pay rate.

These seven suggestions for writers provide realistic statistics to achieve success in article submission. As with any craft, you should exercise daily, although it’s far only a paragraph in a magazine to maintain writing abilties sharp.