Kimberly Dawn shares with Faith Scene her inspiration and her thoughts of staying true to herself, her music and her passion for it!

Scene Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing Kimberly Dawn and wanted to know about her inspirations as an artist, charitable contributions to society and how she finds balance through her everyday life. Kimberly Dawn draws her inspiration from many things such as people, places and life experiences that brings her back through memory lane and tells a story with the lyrics which drives her passion for music and life in general. 

Though she listens and draws inspiration from other artists of different genre, she prides in staying true to herself, her music and her passion for it. She participates in charity events and uses her skills and talents to help others in need such as Casa Pacifica which helps kids that are abused and neglected, kids that are in and out of foster care as a place to live and receive education and care, a safe haven where they can feel loved and a sense of belonging that gives them self worth and value to society and themselves. (download digital for featured scene photos and more.)

She believes in perseverance, faith in God and inner strength knowing that God has a plan and that he is always in control no matter what life may throw at you or when one suffers from depression and question their self value. We also asked her if she had any advise to the younger generation who has dreams of pursuing the same passion for music, she replied, “Don’t be discouraged when people say no, you’re not good enough or you can’t make it, show persistence and be strong.  The full interview can be found at Faith Scene Magazine.  By: Paul Rodriguez